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Established in 2010, Baddie Castings specializes in management services, booking models in major music videos, providing staff for events, nightclubs and lounges, as well as actors for mainstream films and backup dancers for concerts and performances.



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Our Mission

Baddie Castings is set on a mission to connect you to the right talent, quickly, nationwide, and effortlessly.

To do so, we rely on a skilled team of executives, director and agents as well as a diverse database featuring over three thousand experienced models and influencers ready to help make your next event truly unforgettable.

Whether you need a model to come to you anywhere in GA in under 2 hours or are looking for top talent for your next performance, we can connect you to the right people with the agility and adaptability that the industry requires.


Baddie Castings was founded with a simple vision: to offer a great service with passion and excellence, and to be much more than a company to our staff, models and actors.

Today, Baddie Castings has not only built a reputation as the go-to agency to find the right talent for a wide range of events and artistic projects across the United States, but also positively impacted the lives of our team and the talent we work with every day by making sure they feel empowered, safe and supported.


Baddie Castings in the Press?!

Everyone is talking about Baddie Castings, including your favorite insiders. Being published is something we honor and we strive to keep our reputation on gold.  Just see for yourself! Ask us today how we can get you published.

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